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If you want commercial U10m fishermen to report their catches, so we have better data for fisheries management and so quota, catch limits and gear restrictions can be enforced, please send an email to your MP. Enter your postcode below and select the search button.

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Background Information

Did you know that until the MMO introduced the catch recording app for Under 10 metre fishermen in recent months, there was no requirement for U10 fishermen to report their landings?  So while sea anglers have been heavily restricted via a bass bag limit, it has been virtually impossible for the MMO to enforce quota limits, bass catch limits and gear-type restrictions on U10s.  And the scientists have said that actual U10 landings were between 3 and 9 times greater than the official data shows.  It’s a complete disgrace.

But U10 fishermen are strongly resisting the introduction of the catch recording app and have been lobbying MPs and the Fisheries Minister to have it scrapped.

Proper data and effective enforcement is fundamental to our goal of more and bigger fish for sea anglers.  So we urgently need to make our voices heard to ensure the U10 catch recording app is not watered-down or scrapped.

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You can send you own email by using the following information. If our website is not returning the correct information for your MP you can also use the UK Parliament website.

To: (Your MP’s email address)


Subject: I Back The App!

Dear [Your MP’s name] MP,

I should be very grateful if you would contact our Fisheries Minister and express your strong support for the catch recording app the MMO has recently introduced for Under 10 metre fishermen.

The App requires all catches to be recorded before the catch is unloaded.  This will deliver:

    1. better data for world class fisheries management;
    2. a track record for U10s to support their case for more quota; and
    3. better enforcement of quotas and catch limits to help restore fish stocks to safe levels.

Together with the planned introduction of the iVMS vessel location system, the App will transform the ability of the MMO to manage our precious fishery resources.

Yours faithfully,

[Insert Your Name and Address]

Thank you very much for supporting Save Our Sea Bass.

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