Time to get rid of the Bass Nets

Fishing Opportunities 2017

Bass Briefing – November 2016

Executive Summary

Bass stocks are in deep trouble due to commercial overfishing and the failure to follow scientific advice on the need for effective conservation measures.

The Angling Trust and B.A.S.S. fully support the EU Commission’s proposals for bass fishing opportunities in 2017, as do other commercial and recreational bodies across Europe.

The proposal allows only sustainable fishing in 2017: recreational and commercial hook and line fishing – no gill nets which cause not only damage to fish stocks but to seabirds and cetaceans.

The proposal lays the foundation for a sustainable bass fishery, delivering superior long-term socioeconomic returns to society.

Commercial hook and line and recreational bass fishing will deliver both conservation objectives and a better economic return.

The economic impacts of last year’s disproportionate restrictions on anglers have been extremely damaging to a sport that delivers up to 40 times the economic and employment impacts of the commercial bass fishery.

It is critical that EU Fisheries Ministers agree the proposals in full, without watering them down as they did last year – to the dismay and anger of recreational anglers and other conservationists. There are four weeks left before the EU Fisheries Ministers meet to consider the proposal. The Angling Trust and B.A.S.S. will be working hard throughout this period to put pressure on the decision-makers and to facilitate anglers, businesses and livelihoods reliant on providing anglers with goods and services, and other conservationists getting their voices heard.

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