It is currently illegal for shore-netters to land sea bass.  But thanks to lobbying by just 5 shore netters in Holderness, the UK Government is proposing to ask the EU to allow shore-netters across the whole of the UK and Northern Europe to be able to target and land bass (the Government describes it as an “incidental” bycatch allowance, but we are wise to that now, having seen the Government refuse to enforce the “unavoidable” bycatch law for fixed netters).  To add insult to injury, before it was shut down, the Holderness shore-netting fishery used to be specifically a targeted fishery for bass, with bass-netting permits issued!

Please tell the Government to drop its plan to ask the EU to allow shore-netters to land bass  – send an email to our Fisheries Minister, Victoria Prentis by clicking on the button below and writing a message in your own words, explaining why this issue is important to you.

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