In the next few weeks, the EU Fisheries Ministers will vote on increasing the Minimum Landing Size to 42cm and setting monthly vessel catch limits. These proposals are only expected to cut Sea Bass landings by 20% – 30%, That’s not even close to the recommended 80%. Once again we call on all people with any concern to help out with providing a future for our Bass stocks. We have launched a fresh petition, please sign and/or share far and wide ,we need to put some further pressure on ,it doesn’t take much effort to sign the petition and share it to your friends or others who would share some concern for getting some basic protection passed.

Step one please sign this petition

Step Two please share the petition or endeavour to  get at least one friend to sign or share it, all effort is greatly appreciated thank you.

How many meetings and how many ministers does it take to  get  recommendations approved? Once more the latest proposal looks more like everlasting debate, the writings been on the wall for some  time. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that various strategies to implement the stock preservation would take hard debate, and crucial but positive decision making is a hard task. however these are the Key Facts: ‘‘Sea Bass – an Environmental Disaster’’

Recommendations as of June 2014 was this self-same figure of 80% reduction of Bass landings for the EU to work towards, to form its own best plan of action   to cut the landings of wild Bass in this year , 2015 by 80%.Following the initial pair trawling failure all the hot air generated as resulted in nothing more at restricting landing in the non RSA sectors.

Talk is cheap and promises can be broken, however so far it only reminder of past situations, critical decision either put off or watered down, doing little more than delaying the self-same decision . At a higher cost to the stock and others involved. Every delay will not solve the lack of fish that science categorically states require assistance to recover. Neither will suggestions of too many increments of increasing the minimum size of MCRS/MLS save fish, hardship of cash.

So we find ourselves here  once again already June2015  only it’s a full twelve month on , a full year having passed  since the recommendation. A lot of talk, a lot of  what’s ifs or buts and some attempts at watering down proposals . What’s been effectively implemented to reduce the number of Bass exploited during this time? Perhaps the answer to that question is to say very little has been done.

Campaign to reduce sea bass landings by 80%  by the BASS society hasn’t eased off, in point of fact much has been going on, and  in some quarters  further work and liaisons with interested parties, various mailings and letters of correspondence all helping to develop a far better picture of  developments.

The Bass Society established in 1973 has campaigned for increased MLS/MCRS for some time at a minimum  of 48cm. This  would help provide a chance for a bass to breed at least once before being  exploited.

As  of this time no fresh  proposals or actions by the EU Commission , to manage our European stock of Bass for all sectors, as well as the species sustainability, has effectively reduced  2015  landings any ware close to the  80%.

Most will now be aware of the new  SOS Bass website, its part and parcel of the future campaigns ,still evolving  and striving to provide the  essential facts and tools to enable more people who share the same concerns  for the future sustainability of our Bass stocks . With very little effort every one can help to bring about  change. Get Involved

Because one way or another a change is gonna  come.