Scott Mann, MP for North Cornwall and a keen recreational angler, has done a fantastic job in securing a three hour back-bench debate on bass in the House of Commons on Thursday 11th February entitled: “Conservation of sea bass and the effect of related EU measures on the UK recreational fishing industry.

The motion to be moved is: “This House believes that the recent EU restrictions on recreational bass fishing are unfair and fail to address the real threat to the future viability of UK bass stocks“.

This is a rare and very important opportunity to influence the future of recreational bass angling by getting our arguments for a sustainable bass fishery heard in detail by key decision-makers.

Please write to your MP asap asking them if they would please attend the debate on Thursday 11th February and speak in support of:

  • a bass fishery run to maximise the environmental, social and economic benefits for society as a whole, by giving priority to recreational bass angling; and
  • introducing revised measures that reduce bass mortality by restricting (rather than increasing) harmful commercial harvesting methods such as gill netting and instead promote sustainable methods such as hook & line fishing for both the commercial and recreational sectors.

You can email your MP by following the link below. Please make sure you include in your email the link to the Angling Trust Fishing Lines briefing on bass, so your MP is fully informed.

A few minutes of your time to send a brief email could make all the difference.

Link to the Angling Trust’s paper on bass: