Recent bass tagging projects have shown that bass travel between the Bay of Biscay and the Northern bass fishery (which includes the UK), so for UK sea anglers it is important that the Bay of Biscay bass stock is properly protected.

Currently the Bay of Biscay bass stock is shrinking and in 2020 management measures will be needed. The French Government is now consulting on some proposals, but they are not sufficiently precautionary and discriminate against sea anglers. Please respond to the consultation – help our French sea angling friends, help bass and help our Northern bass stock.

It is imperative that commercial bass fishing pressure in the Bay of Biscay is lowered significantly to allow the stock recover to a safe level quickly. French sea anglers were first limited by a 5 fish bag limit, then a 3 fish bag limit and now in 2020 this will be reduced to 2 fish. The current French proposal to cut French commercial fishing landings in the Bay of Biscay by only 5% is nothing more than a token gesture which discriminates against sea anglers and is therefore illegal under EU law.

Sea anglers have accepted a 42cm minimum landing size to allow more bass to mature and reproduce. It is a disgrace that in the Bay of Biscay the commercial minimum was not increased to 42cm at the same time, and the proposed increase to 40cm is an insult to sea anglers, discriminatory and insufficiently precautionary.

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We have suggested some wording, but your reply will have the most impact if you write it yourself, in your own way, ideally including some personal details about why this is important to you.

Thank you for your support. This consultation has now closed.

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