Our sincerest thanks to everyone who has taken the time to send a sea bass email (or even two!) to the EU Fisheries Ministers in the run up to the EU Council of Ministers Fishing Opportunities meeting in Brussels. Your emails have created pressure that has put sustainable fishing for sea bass high on the agenda with the EU Commission and the Member States. Please continue to provide your critical support as we enter the next phase of the campaign.

We set out below the reports we have received so far of the Fishing Opportunities meeting agreement on sea bass and our preliminary reactions. We will need to see the official EU Commission press release and review the draft legislation in detail before we can make any final judgements.

Catch & Release

Thanks to the wave of emails that you sent last week, it appears that the Member States have seen sense and agreed that the moratorium should not apply to catch and release bass fishing. This is great news, since it would protect the most sustainable and profitable type of bass fishing and be a step towards giving effect to Article 17 of the Common Fisheries Policy: allocating fishing opportunities using criteria of an environmental, social and economic nature.

Bag Limit

No news yet.

Vessel Catch Limits

No news yet.


The moratorium will, in principle, run for the full 6 months proposed.

However, there will apparently be some “partial exemptions for low impact, inshore fisheries”.  We are hearing that these may involve a shorter moratorium for hook and line fishing and fixed netting, rather than just for rod and line and hand line fishing as we campaigned for.

Bay of Biscay

No news yet.