Thank you very much for considering sending a message to your MP and other relevant parties regarding the recent decision on sea bass fishing opportunities for 2022 that discriminates against sea anglers.

We haven’t written a standard email for you to send, because your message will have the most impact if you write it yourself, in your own way, ideally including some personal details about why this is important to you.

Please feel free to say whatever you wish, but Save Our Sea Bass suggests the key issues are:

  • For a second time in just 6 months, the UK and the EU have given sea bass catch limit increases to commercial fishermen but have not changed the sea angling bag limit.
  • The sea angler “take” season should be changed immediately to 10 months to match the commercial season.
  • The sea anglers bag limit should be immediately increased to 3 fish per person per day.
  • These changes for sea anglers are sustainable and compatible with the catch recommendations made by the scientists at ICES.

To write and send an email to your MP, the Fisheries Minister and other relevant parties, please start by entering your postcode to search for your MP:

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Don’t forget to tell your sea angling friends about this campaign; they may wish to send an email too.

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  1. Put into the “Subject” line: Fishing Opportunities 2022
  2. Write your email using the format

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