We have just heard that the EU Commission has released its 2020 bass fishing opportunities proposal: a roll-over of the 2019 rules.

So the EU Commission has completely ignored sea anglers legitimately asking to be given back their fair share of the catch in 2020.  We estimate a roll-over would reduce sea anglers’ share of the catch to just 16% in 2020, compared with the 25% to 30% of the catch we enjoyed before the bass restrictions came in.  This is an outrage.

EU law requires that restrictions on recreational fishing must be non-discriminatory.  But the EU Commission, which is supposed to ensure the EU Member States respect EU law, has just ignored EU law.  You couldn’t make it up!

Are sea anglers second-class citizens?  Can fishery managers give away the public’s fishing rights to commercial fishermen with impunity? No, we are the biggest stakeholder in the bass fishery and we demand our rights under the law.

We are asking the UK Fisheries Minister to step in and fight hard for sea anglers at the Fishing Opportunities meeting on 16 and 17 December. We want 3 fish for 9 months and our Fisheries Minister must not take no for an answer.

Thank you for your support. The 2020 bass fishing opportunities have now been agreed. Please see 2020 fishing opportunities decision

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