EU Consultation on Fishing Opportunities for 2022

Why should I care about this?

The quick answer is: because this will influence the agreement between the UK and the EU on fishing opportunities for 2022.  So if you want “More and Bigger Bass”, you need to reply to the EU Consultation and get your voice heard.  NB the consultation closes on 31 August.

The longer answer involves an agreement between the UK and the EU:

“The Trade and Cooperation Agreement (‘the TCA’) between the United Kingdom (UK) and the European Union (EU) includes the objective of cooperating with a view to ensuring that fishing activities for shared stocks in their waters are environmentally sustainable in the long term and contribute to achieving economic and social benefits, and requires the Parties to hold consultations annually to agree the total allowable catches (TACs) for the following year for the stocks listed in Annex 35 to the TCA.”[i]

So the UK and the EU are going to negotiate with each other each year on how much fish can be caught and who can catch it.  And that means it is important for UK sea anglers to influence not just what bass fishing opportunities the UK wants, but also what the EU asks for.

In the next few days, Save Our Sea Bass will set out its thoughts on what 2022 bass fishing opportunities sea anglers should be asking for and why.

[i] From the “Written record of fisheries consultations between the United Kingdom and the European Union for 2021”


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