Email the EU Commission by 15 September

The EU Commission is consulting on fishing levels for 2018 and wants to hear from us. Use this page to reply to the consultation: get your voice heard and play your part in saving the Sea Bass stock and supporting sustainable Sea Bass fishing.

Your reply will have the most impact if you write it yourself, in your own way, ideally including some personal details about why saving the Sea Bass is important to you.

Here are the three key points that we need to tell the EU Commission:

1. Either ban all fixed netters from landing Sea Bass, or restrict them to a 3% of catch allowance, as already applies to demersal trawlers and seiners.

The “unavoidable by-catch” allowance for fixed netters has been a disastrous failure. It is impossible to tell if a fisherman is targeting sea bass. Fixed netters know this and so many have been illegally targeting Sea Bass secure in the knowledge that they cannot be prosecuted. In the UK, fixed netting landings for the 6 months to 30 June 2017 alone already exceed their 2011-2013 full year average by 37%, and by 31 December we expect this to increase to 240%.

2. Cut commercial hook and line vessels to 1.0 tonne of Sea Bass per annum.

Commercial hook & line fishermen have so far contributed nothing to helping cut fishing pressure on Sea Bass, because the 10 tonnes landing limit is unfeasibly high. In 2015 and 2016, none of the 522 UK hook & line vessels landed more than 10 tonnes. In the UK hook & line fishery, 50 vessels (representing just 10% of the fleet) are taking twice as much as all the other vessels put together. By cutting vessel landings to 1.0 tonne per annum, the 90% of vessels that are fishing at sustainable levels will be completely unaffected and yet we can reduce bass landings by two thirds. It’s a no-brainer.

3. Extend the public’s 6-month moratorium to apply to all commercial fishing.

Sea Bass spawn between January and June and the fishery will not recover unless we protect these spawning fish. A compete moratorium for 6 months will reduce mortality significantly, since there will be no economic incentive for commercial fishermen to target Sea Bass in this period.

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