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The 1 fish bass bag limit is grossly unfair to sea anglers.

If you want a bigger bag limit in 2020, then please click on the button below to respond to the EU Commission’s consultation on fishing opportunities for 2020.

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The EU Commission said that all stakeholders must contribute to the restoration of the bass stock through proportionate restrictions. But the 1 fish bag limit was a cut too far and not a proportionate restriction – the latest figures show sea anglers’ share of the total catch has been cut in half from 26% in 2015 to just 13% in 2016 and 15% in 2017 (the zero bag limit for most of the 2018 season was even worse). In tonnage terms, sea anglers have been cut from 737 tonnes in 2015 to just 228 tonne in 2016 and 223 tonnes in 2017.

But at the same time, commercial hook & liners have seen their share of the total catch increase from 15% to 29% because the fake “restrictions” on hook & liners were set at such a high level that only a handful of vessels were really restricted. In 2015 hook & liners landed 413 tonnes and in 2018 they landed 417 tonnes – i.e. no restriction at all!

How can anyone call this fair or proportionate? The most sustainable and economically valuable form of bass fishing, sea angling, has been hit hard, whilst commercial hook & line fishing has escaped unscathed.

The EU Commission and the EU Fisheries Ministers must use any increased fishing opportunities available in 2020 first to increase the bag limit and make the restrictions truly proportionate.

Yours faithfully, [Insert Name]

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