Peaceful demo in opposition to the ending of a public right to catch and keep a bass whilst commercial gill netters are allowed to continue catching and selling bass and have actually had their monthly limit increased.


To attract media coverage of Cornish sea angler’s total opposition to being prevented from keeping a bass whilst commercial fishing, that is a primary cause of stock depletion, continues.


Meet at Rosewarne car park Camborne , TR14 8BE and march to Constituency Office of George Eustice MP for Camborne, Redruth and Hayle who is also Fisheries Minister. His office is at: 13, Commercial Street , Camborne TR14 8JZ


Saturday April 9th.

Start Time

Meet 10.00 hrs at car park.

Finish Time



  • Attire: Optional, but bring Fishing Rods.
  • Banners optional: Messages to be polite. Suggestions:
    • “Priority for hook and line fishing”
    • “Bass are a PUBLIC resource”
    • “End all netting in estuaries and close to shore”
    • “Sea angling equals economic impacts and jobs”


Camborne Police have been visited to ensure a peaceful demonstration is legal and it is PROVIDING pavements or roads are not blocked.

Conduct must be non threatening and we want Recreational Sea Angling to be perceived in a positive light, so we don’t want any bad language or behavior. I am hoping that some junior anglers will also attend.

Out of courteousness, George Eustice ’s Constituency Office has been contacted to advise them of our plans and according to the receptionist George Eustice is holding his surgery there on the 9th April! Be great to have a photo of him talking to us. Incidentally, the lady in the office recollects fishing off the rocks in the past and thought it ridiculous that anglers couldn’t keep a single bass whilst commercials were allowed to fill their boats. So we’re not alone in regarding this situation as utterly wrong.

This initiative is for ALL sea anglers regardless of whether they are members of any angling organizations or not.

On behalf of Cornish Federation Of Sea Anglers (CFSA)