Dear Sea Angler/Conservationist

Thank you very much if you responded to our call to ask our Fisheries Minister to increase the bass bag limit and give sea anglers back the share of the total catch they had before the restrictions started in 2015.

Save Our Sea Bass has been in Brussels since Monday, following the EU Council negotiations.  At 6.00am this morning a final agreement was reached.  In 2020 sea anglers will have their bag limit increased from 1 fish per day per person to 2 fish and the open season will be increased from 7 months to 9 months (1 March to 30 November).

This is an excellent result, even more so because all EU Member States have agreed to respect the scientists’ lower sustainable catch recommendation, so the bass stock should continue to make progress towards a safe level.

Thank you very much for your continuing support, especially if you have donated to Save Our Sea Bass to enable us to carry on our work, or shared our campaign on Facebook or other social media.

Yours faithfully,

The Save Our Sea Bass Team