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More and Bigger Sea Bass

Save our Sea Bass has given a voice to sea anglers across Europe who are angry that fishery managers have allowed commercial fishermen to severely damage the sea bass stock through unsustainable overfishing.

With your help, we have achieved huge cuts in commercial sea bass fishing pressure, giving the stock a chance to recover. We are pleased that the stock is now out of the worst danger, although it will take several years before it reaches a safe level.

In 2018, we helped sea anglers fight against the unfair and unwarranted zero bag limit and win back a 1 fish per day bag limit from October. Now the stock is improving and there are more fishing opportunities to be allocated in 2020, so we are leading the fight to get the bag limit increased again. The EU Commission promised proportionate restrictions, but the 1 fish bag limit has hit sea anglers hard, whilst the commercial hook & liners have been untouched – this injustice must end.

Our goal is to recover the bass stock to a level of abundance and to increase sea anglers’ share of the catch back to the levels last seen in the 1970s and 1980s, when commercial bass fishing pressure was low. Put simply: more and bigger sea bass.

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The future of bass

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