Sending Emails

Why bother?

Because it works!

Politicians and bureaucrats don’t get that many emails from recreational anglers; they are used to dealing with commercial lobbyists instead.  So when they get lots of emails from recreational anglers it makes a big impact.

We recently had a campaign to email Bernhard Friess at the EU Commission telling him to stop fishing in bass spawning areas.  A few months later the EU Commission banned mid-water trawling in bass spawning areas until the end of April and justified it in part by saying that they had received emails from 200 anglers. #PeoplePower!

What to say?

Take a look at our “Urgent” page (for email messages that need to be sent immediately) and our Manifesto page (for email messages that are very important but not immediately urgent).

NB the urgent and topical messages will change as the situation changes, so please check them regularly – we need to maintain sustained pressure with a barrage of emails for as long as it takes to get what we want.

We haven’t provided a template email because if you write the email yourself:

  • It will get past the spam filters;
  • It will have the most impact; and
  • You will stand the best chance of receiving a reply.

But the most important thing is that you send emails and get your voice heard!

Who to send it to:

It varies according to the message.  On the manifesto page we explain exactly who you should send the urgent and topical emails to.

For other messages, it is probably the more the merrier! If you are in a hurry, then just paste all the addresses below into the “To:” box of your email.  If you have slightly more time, do a web search for “undisclosed recipients” to learn how to email everyone listed below in such a way that they can’t see who else you are sending the email to.

UK Fisheries Ministers: George Eustice

EU Commission:

EU Council Of Ministers – Fisheries Ministers:


EU Council of Ministers – Working Party on Internal and External Fisheries Policy:

EU Commission – Management Committee for Fisheries and Aquaculture


EU Parliament Fisheries Committee:


UK Marine Management Organisation (responsible for UK waters outside 6 nautical miles):
UK Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Associations (responsible for UK waters inside 6 nautical miles “IFCAs”):

UK MPs and UK MEPs:

Use the following website:


France: Various Fisheries politicians:





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