Sussex IFCA review of Nearshore Trawling and Netting Management

Sussex Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority is reviewing its by-laws and wants the public’s views on how it should manage netting and trawling out to 6 miles.

Save Our Sea Bass has written a consultation response – please read it here and send an email to SxIFCA, saying you support it.

This is our chance to create a Net Free Zone, so shore anglers will never again see trawlers operating just yards offshore or wall-to-wall nets set close to the beach, reducing their chance of catching anything to zero.  A net free zone will provide valuable protection for flora and fauna too.  Get your voice heard and improve the quality of sea angling in Sussex forever.

Email Sussex IFCA

If you are having problems with the ‘Send Email Now’ button you can create and send the email yourself:

1. Create a new email in your mail client and address ‘To’: admin@sussex-ifca.gov.uk

2. Copy to the email address ‘cc’: info@saveourseabass.org

3. Enter the ‘subject’: Response to Netting Management and Nearshore Trawling Reviews

4. Copy and paste the following content into the body of the email:

Dear Sir or Madam,

I have read Save Our Sea Bass’ response to the above consultations and am in full agreement. I want a Net Free Zone to improve the quality of sea angling in Sussex and to protect fauna and flora in nearshore waters.

Yours faithfully,

5. Sign the email with your name and send.

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