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Get the nets out of the Sea Bass fishery.

Thank you very much for taking part in this important last push to pressure George Eustice MP and the other EU Fisheries Ministers to agree the EU Commission proposal to restrict the bass fishery to just recreational angling and commercial hook and line fishing.

Would you please (1) sign our petition on the UK Government website  (2) send a message to George Eustice MP, (3) send a message to your own MP and (4) send a message to the EU Fisheries Ministers.

It is highly preferable that you write your own message, since this will have much more impact. But if you don’t have time, please go ahead and use our text. Don’t forget to change the addressee and add your name.

Dear [George Eustice MP/Your MP/Fisheries Ministers][NB change/delete as necessary]

Get the nets out of the Sea Bass fishery.

The EU Commission has proposed that in 2017 the Northern bass fishery should be restricted to just recreational angling and commercial hook and line fishing. This is because ICES has repeatedly warned that bass stocks are in deep trouble.

This proposal lays the foundation for the recovery of the stock and will maximise the environmental, social and economic benefits for society from the bass fishery.

Please support the proposal without watering it down. [ Text to add for email to Your MP:  The Annual Fisheries Debate takes place in the Commons on Thursday, Dec 1st. Please attend and represent the concerns of thousands of anglers in your constituency.].

Yours sincerely,

[Insert Your Name]

Don’t forget that your family and friends can help too. And if you use Facebook and Twitter, please click on the links at the bottom of the page to encourage others to get involved too.

1. Sign our petition on the UK Government website

This petition is supported by Matt Hayes, Henry Gilbey and many leading figures in angling.

2. Send a message to George Eustice

Send a message to George Eustice MP

3. Send a message to your own MP

Send a message to your own MP, NB please ask them to encourage George Eustice MP to support the proposal.

4. Send a message to the EU Fisheries Ministers

Send a message to the EU Fisheries Ministers. If you experience problems sending to the mailing list please see alternative options below.

Having problems sending a message to the EU Fisheries Ministers?

To send an email please select ‘option 1’ or ‘option 2’ to auto fill the recipient email addresses – if neither of these options work please add the email addresses manually as described in ‘option 3’.

Option 1. Auto fill email addresses and subject using a comma seperator Click Here

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Option 3.

(a) Cut and paste the following email addresses into the “To” line of your email.

Use this list if your email client prefers a semi-colon seperator

informacionma@magrama.es; christine.avelin@agriculture.gouv.fr; n.registrator@regeringskansliet.se; info@vm.gov.hu; kabinet.schauvliege@vlaanderen.be; adespota@papd.mof.gov.cy; herki.tuus@mfa.ee; Marian.Jurecka@mze.cz; Jan.Vanin@enviro.gov.sk; Minister@agriculture.gov.ie; gabriela.koenig@bmlfuw.gv.at; minister@mzh.government.bg; eapostolou@hq.minagric.gr; christian.zewen@unico.etat.lu; mfvm@mfvm.dk; sekretariatryb@minrol.gov.pl; ured.ministra@mps.hr; inga.vukelic@mps.hr; info@verbraucherlotse.de; minister.mkgp@gov.si; anpa@anpa.ro; relatii.publice@madr.ro; info@saveourseabass.org; secretariat.vidalies@developpement-durable.gouv.fr; dpma@developpement-durable.gouv.fr; frederic.gueudar-delahaye@developpement-durable.gouv.fr; alain.cadec@europarl.europa.eu; PECH-secretariat@europarl.europa.eu; karmenu.vella@ec.europa.eu; bernhard.friess@ec.europa.eu; phil.hogan@ec.europa.eu; defra.helpline@defra.gsi.gov.uk; roy.smith@defra.gsi.gov.uk; andrew.randall@defra.gsi.gov.uk; demauley@parliament.uk; george.eustice.mp@parliament.uk; gabor.klenovics@fm.gov.hu; roderick.galdes@gov.mt; indre.sidlauskiene@zuv.lt; h.r.offringa@minez.nl; mpetrou@minagric.gr; carole.louis@developpement-durable.gouv.fr; goran.stefanic@mvep.hr; juris.stalmeistars@mfa.gov.lv; stephanie.b.bugeja@gov.mt; Janis.Duklavs@zm.gov.lv; Janis.Laguns@zm.gov.lv; ministeren@mfvm.dk; moikonom@minagric.gr; risto.lampinen@mmm.fi; moikonom@minagric.gr; buero.rupprechter@bmlfuw.gv.at; erich.ober@bmlfuw.gv.at; elina.plaude@zm.gov.lv

Use this list if your email client prefers a comma seperator

informacionma@magrama.es, christine.avelin@agriculture.gouv.fr, n.registrator@regeringskansliet.se, info@vm.gov.hu, kabinet.schauvliege@vlaanderen.be, adespota@papd.mof.gov.cy, herki.tuus@mfa.ee, Marian.Jurecka@mze.cz, Jan.Vanin@enviro.gov.sk, Minister@agriculture.gov.ie, gabriela.koenig@bmlfuw.gv.at, minister@mzh.government.bg, eapostolou@hq.minagric.gr, christian.zewen@unico.etat.lu, mfvm@mfvm.dk, sekretariatryb@minrol.gov.pl, ured.ministra@mps.hr, inga.vukelic@mps.hr, info@verbraucherlotse.de, minister.mkgp@gov.si, anpa@anpa.ro, relatii.publice@madr.ro, info@saveourseabass.org, secretariat.vidalies@developpement-durable.gouv.fr, dpma@developpement-durable.gouv.fr, frederic.gueudar-delahaye@developpement-durable.gouv.fr, alain.cadec@europarl.europa.eu, PECH-secretariat@europarl.europa.eu, karmenu.vella@ec.europa.eu, bernhard.friess@ec.europa.eu, phil.hogan@ec.europa.eu, defra.helpline@defra.gsi.gov.uk, roy.smith@defra.gsi.gov.uk, andrew.randall@defra.gsi.gov.uk, demauley@parliament.uk, george.eustice.mp@parliament.uk, gabor.klenovics@fm.gov.hu, roderick.galdes@gov.mt, indre.sidlauskiene@zuv.lt, h.r.offringa@minez.nl, mpetrou@minagric.gr, carole.louis@developpement-durable.gouv.fr, goran.stefanic@mvep.hr, juris.stalmeistars@mfa.gov.lv, stephanie.b.bugeja@gov.mt, Janis.Duklavs@zm.gov.lv, Janis.Laguns@zm.gov.lv, ministeren@mfvm.dk, moikonom@minagric.gr, risto.lampinen@mmm.fi, moikonom@minagric.gr, buero.rupprechter@bmlfuw.gv.at, erich.ober@bmlfuw.gv.at, elina.plaude@zm.gov.lv

(b) Put into the “Subject” line: Get the nets out of the Sea Bass fishery

Next complete the email message and send.

Hey, my email bounced back from some addresses!

We have spent a lot of time checking the email addresses to make sure that they are correct. If you receive an error message, please accept our apologies and forward it to us at info@saveourseabass.org so that we can check it and if necessary update it.

Will I get a reply?

You may get an acknowledgement, but more importantly the EU Commission has to take your email into account when considering its fishing opportunity proposals for 2017 and has to publish your response on their website (NB you can ask for your response to be private if you wish). The EU Commission has told us how much it values the support that the public is giving for its proposals to get the EU Member States to fish Sea Bass sustainably.

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