Bass – what has been agreed for 2018?


Recreational Catch and Release is allowed for all 2018.

Recreational Catch & Eat angling: the full position for 2018 is as yet unknown, there has been no political agreement regarding public bass angling landings in the second half of 2018.

We suspect that many people who have read the Council decision have concluded that the public will not be able to catch & eat a bass in 2018. However, the truth is that the decision has been postponed until March/April 2018.

France, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, after having agreed to drastic management measures for all professional fishing metiers, consider it justified to maintain a precautionary catch & release management regime for recreational fishing for the whole of the year.

In the light of the results of the ICES benchmarking exercise to be completed in March 2018, the Commission will examine the possibility of authorising the landing of one bass per person per day for a limited period of time.

The future of bass

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