November 2017 Update

Fishing for Sea Bass Is Not A Crime – Don’t Let The EU Make It One!

The EU wants to make it illegal for the public to catch or keep a single sea bass in 2018.  But they are only proposing to restrict 1% of commercial hook & line vessels targeting bass. This is unfair and disproportionate.

Members of the public who enjoy angling and eating some of the fish they catch have already suffered severe restrictions since 2015 in order to protect bass stocks. Now the right of the public to catch a bass for the table is about to be taken away from us.  Don’t let the EU remove a right that is part of everyday life for millions of people.

We urgently need you write to your MP, asking him or her to talk with George Eustice and Michael Gove and urge them to protect the public’s right to catch and eat bass.  It’s easy to do, just follow this link:

Email Your MP

For information on how to email your MP

EAA Petition

The EU wants to make it illegal for the public to catch or keep any sea bass in 2018. This is unfair and disproportionate.

The European Anglers Alliance, representing anglers across Europe, is calling on fisheries ministers meeting in Brussels next month to defend our rights and to continue to allow anglers to catch bass throughout 2018 and keep one bass a day from July‐December.

The future of bass

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