Email the EU Commission and George Eustice MP

The EU Commission has agreed to reconsider a bag limit for the public for part of 2018. Send an email to get your voice heard and play your part in achieving priority for the most sustainable stakeholder in the sea bass fishery: the public sea angler!

Your reply will have the most impact if you write it yourself, in your own way, explaining why taking a bass for the table is important to you.

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Email the EU Commission and George Eustice MP

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Email the EU Commission and George Eustice MP

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Here are some suggestions on what to tell the EU Commission and George Eustice MP:

  • So long as the bass biomass allows for any bass to be landed, they must be allocated to the public first. The public is the most sustainable stakeholder in the bass fishery and delivers the greatest social and economic benefits.
  • The public owns the bass fishery, it must not be privatised. We will not accept being forced to buy bass from a commercial fisherman, rather than catching it ourselves.
  • Specialist tackle shops are heavily dependent on the public having a bag limit and charter boats are going bust. Why are their needs being put behind those of commercial fishermen?
  • Some hook & liners may currently have a high percentage of bass in their catch, but that does not mean they are dependent on bass. They can and should diversify.
  • Hook & liners have still not take any meaningful cuts. Cut their limit and give the reduction to the public. The so-called “cut” from 10 tonnes to 5 tonnes is fooling no-one: in 2016 not one single UK hook and liner would have been restricted by a 10-tonne limit and the current 5-tonne limit would have restricted less than 1% of UK hook & liners i.e only impacting 5 vessels.
  • The fixed netters “unavoidable by-catch” allowance is transparently a political ruse that allows them to continue targeting bass. The enforcement agencies have given up trying to enforce it.  We need to get the netters out of the bass fishery.

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